Lottie Morgan

  • A Millionarie’s Love Story Box Set by Lottie Morgan

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    Sara Paul and Darcy Mitchell met in an online millionaire group for women trying to balance work and relationships and became fast friends. Sara is a highly successful tech mogul in San Francisco; while Darcy is a jet-setting world traveler and author who tells others about her adventures in geocaching.

    Davis Mitchell, Darcy’s brother, fell head over heels for Sara the moment she walked into the boardroom of the law firm where he worked; unfortunately, the timing wasn’t in his favor. A mutual friend brought them closer together, and they had unmistakable chemistry, but Sara was dating someone else. Should Sara ignore their chemistry and focus on the other relationship or risk everything for a chance at true love?

    Levi Grant worked the front desk at the Callaghan Hotel where Darcy was giving a seminar about her geocaching experiences. When they met, they formed an instant connection but soon learned they were opposites in nearly every way. Would their opposite personalities drive them apart or was it exactly what they needed to balance each other out?

    Will these two couples be able to work through the ups and downs life throws at them to create lasting and enduring love?