lost boys

  • Never by Elizabeta Brooke

    0 out of 5

    Dr Wendee Williams is a repressed academic and part-time voyeur whose life falls apart when an affair with a student goes horribly wrong. Her marriage to a much older man is torn apart, and in the aftermath she escapes to tropical north Queensland where a male prostitute introduces her to the handsome and mysterious Pietre DeMartande, a wealthy recluse and self-styled Peter Pan who takes Dee to his private island where she becomes “his Wendee”. Pietre watches her every move via his surveillance network as she interacts with his security force posing as Lost Boys, heiresses who act as her mermaids, Pietre’s tiny assistant – cruel Belle, a token ‘Redskin’ who is more than he seems, and the submariner pirates who kidnap her. Ultimately it is Pietre’s perverse sexuality that draws Dee back to his island and to a show down that will test the loyalties of the men who have fallen in love with her.

    This full-length erotic thriller showcases the explicit details of Dee’s adventures, and is definitely not recommended for those under the age of 18.