Lone Star

  • Hell and Half of Texas by John Spiars

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    Writing in the style of Louis L’Amour, Larry McMurtry and William W. Johnstone, Best-selling western author John Spiars, author of Riders of the Lone Star, returns with Hell and Half of Texas, the second novel in the Heck Carson Series.

    Seeking a greater adventure than bringing law and order to the untamed Texas frontier, Texas Ranger Jesse “Heck” Carson, along with his friend, Tommy Jergsen, enlist in the Confederate Cavalry. They are placed in a special unit tasked with stopping the murderous Jayhawkers who have been carrying on a guerilla war against civilians in Missouri. Heck and his men face the expected horrors of war, but what they didn’t expect was to find themselves in the middle of a private war where they don’t know who to trust and where the lines between friend and enemy mean nothing. In order to do what is right, they must make decisions that will forever change the course of their lives and which thrusts them into a battle far more violent than anything they ever expected.