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  • Twelfth Floor by Monica Corwin

    0 out of 5

    This isn’t your high school Shakespeare…
    I have thirty days to block my secretary’s advances.

    I have thirty days to prove my worth as Illyria Pharmaceuticals’ CFO.

    I have thirty days to help my boss fall in love with another woman.

    Pretending to be in charge is harder than it looks. Duke Orsino, the CEO, sets my knees quaking with every glance. Olivia, my secretary, leaves unmentionables in my desk drawers. And I have no idea where my twin brother got off to.

    I have thirty days to keep this shipwreck of life from falling apart.

    Twelfth Floor is a contemporary romance adaption of the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night.

    This is a standalone romance with alpha heroes, not-so-alpha heroines, and a whole lot of foul language.