• Like Father Like Son Book 1 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    An erotic story about a young man exploring his sexuality and discovering his father is doing the same thing and with the same man! Talk about awkward! Four Star (20 reviews).

  • The Wolf Next Door Book 3 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Corey is, or at least was, your typical, if somewhat shy college student.
    An introvert with a vague anxiety disorder that he’d received treatment for, but that he still has to manage.
    His life has recently taken a turn. The creepy mansion next door to his home has recently been purchased by a mysterious man. Corey is suspicious of him, and so he should be, for the man may not be a man at all. He is, at the very least, far more than he appears!
    At the same time, he’s developing a friendship with Darren, a wild and outgoing guy at school. His crush on one of the professors has evolved and after an encounter in a motel room, he’s wondering if there was more to it for his teacher than just another student conquest.
    Then there’s Gord – popular jock with a bit of a predatory streak.
    He’s got his eyes on Corey.
    Then, finally, there’s the Henchman – a strange shapeshifting creature that appears human until it doesn’t.
    Between Darren, his professor, Gord, the mysterious man next door, and the Henchman, Corey has his hands full.
    Things aren’t out of control.
    Not just yet.
    But the night is still young!

  • Hollywood Hunks: Welcome To Tinsel Town by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Luke is a young man who ran away at age sixteen.
    Now he finds himself in Hollywood at the age of twenty-six.
    He loves classic Hollywood movies, but never really cared for the place that produced them.
    He’s not there to be an actor, though people keep telling him he could be.
    He’s not there to be a director, or a writer or a producer.
    He has a public relations business and he’s only there because his partner suggested it would more lucrative than Chicago.
    He hasn’t been there that long, but already he’s finding out Hollywood has a lot to offer a young man with an open mind.
    And Luke’s mind is becoming more open by the day.
    He’s working right there on Hollywood Boulevard.
    His first major client of the day is a young rapper named Tenz, who lives up to his name and tells Luke there’s got to be some fringe benefits if he’s going to sign with his company. Luke is ready and eager to meet his needs.
    Then there’s Carl, Dean, Jimmy and of course Indiana Jones.
    Not the real one of course, but close enough.
    Then there’s Logan.
    Handsome, professional, lonely.
    Cute, sexy, chaste Logan.
    Luke may be small town at heart, but he’s young and ready to meet Hollywood on its own terms.
    One hunk at a time.