Leslie Reed

  • Voyeur Vic by Leslie Reed

    0 out of 5

    Vic has a problem he doesn’t think is a problem.

    Vic is the owner of a three story brownstone. Although the top two floors are regular apartments with tenants who have signed leases, Vic runs a bed & breakfast out of his apartment on the first floor. His space is split into two levels. Vic lives in the basement while guests stay in the three bedrooms above him. Vic is a voyeur and he has cameras set up in the guests’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Voyeur Vic is approx. 7,500 words.

  • Sex and Starlight City by Leslie Reed

    0 out of 5

    After losing her parents before she graduated high school young Penelope was left with the option of surviving in New York without a family. Before the courts could send her away to an all-girls home she came up with a plan: find her Uncle in Las Vegas.

    Her destination is a city on the verge of sweeping cultural and political change. In 1950’s Las Vegas anything is possible. Will Penelope lose big on her gamble or come out on top? A Madame with a secret past takes her under her care and shows Penelope how to succeed at the world’s oldest profession.

    Long retired from the game, Penelope recounts her adventures as a young call girl. Her story is one filled with lust and love, betrayal and triumph, and self-discovery. Penelope learns about the ways of men and the world. Some of these lessons are hard learned, but most come with great pleasure.

    Sex and Starlight City is a new work of adult short fiction.