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  • Escaping the Friend Zone (Independent Woman in Love, Book 2) by J.C. Boddington

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    Valentina Richards’ sexual escapades are the stuff of legends. As a young woman in her early 20s, who is confident in her sexuality and unafraid of taking risks with her heart, she believes that she’s living life to the fullest, the only way she knows how. Parents would say that she’s a bad girl who their children should steer clear of, but what do they know? Unlike others, Val isn’t sitting around judging people like her who choose to live their lives with passion; she’s too busy taking chances and forming strong connections in the real world.

    When Val takes the biggest risk of all and gives in to her undeniable attraction to Mandy, her best friend, she finds out that there’s more at stake than she anticipated. Mandy is a breath of fresh air, tender-hearted and open-minded. She also happens to be the person that Val adores most in the world.

    By admitting to her attraction for Mandy, Val realises that she’d be putting their friendship on the line. Can she and her best friend come out of it unscathed, closer than ever? Or will there be consequences? There’s also the small matter of Val still being somewhat entangled with Mr Hall, none other than Mandy’s father…