Leah Shay

  • Stern Desire – Love Redeemed by Leah Shay

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    I am a nurse, a student, and a single mother. I might be considered an introvert, with very few friends I prefer reading a good book, listening to music, and dancing. For the past eight years the only man that’s been in my life is my ten year old son. Men are a bunch of losers, users, sweet tongue liars, and heartbreakers and I did not need that drama in my life. I’ve had enough of them.

    I am Akyra Harris. My biggest problem is I am very cautious about men. I do not trust them and have avoided them for years. I’ve had my share of devastating heartbreak and would prefer to be alone than to have my heart stumped on and handed back to me.

    My problem now is Jared Stern. He is my patient. The moment Jared arrived on my nursing unit after an accident my orderly world became chaos. The wealthy, gorgeous, mysterious specimen of a man had cast a spell on me the second I looked into his stunning, hypnotic hazel eyes. I was bewitched, and the attraction that compelled me to him was insurmountable. He was strong, powerful, and in control. Jared had the powers to render me speechless with just a look. My knees grew weak when he called my name in his sexy, smooth monotone voice. A simple touch and my body became a live wire as electrical current courses through every cell in my body. He had sparked emotions in me that I had never felt before. I wanted more, but the repercussion of getting involved with a patient was more than I was willing to risk. My mind screams no, but my body could not resist his alluring charms.

    I was deeply conflicted. A relationship other than a nurse-patient relationship could lead to me losing my job or worst my nursing license. I would be violating the Code of Ethics and the hospital’s zero policy of no sexual relationship with patients or family. Hard as I tried I was unable to establish and maintain ethical boundaries with Jared Stern, and neither was I able to do the right thing and remove myself from the situation. I had fallen for him even before I knew it. I knew I was going to get caught. I was not a good actress neither was I a good liar. The only way this was going to end is badly.

    Jared Stern did not make it any easier for Kyra; he pursued her relentlessly. She was different. She would not be like the others. Kyra had stirred renewed life in him, and had the power to heal not only his body, but his damaged tortured soul. He had to have her, and would do anything to keep her in his life. The only threat to this relationship was his dark shameful secrets that she could never discover. He could not risk losing her. His well-being depended on it.

    Keeping his secrets hidden from Kyra would prove to be a difficult undertaking. Secrets always find a way to reveal themselves. Especially with a vengeful angry ex-girlfriend on the lose hell bent on exposing them to Kyra. How far will he go to protect his secrets, and what schemes will he employ to keep Kyra in his life?