Layla Leone

  • Fucking Right! Oral Fixation by Layla Leone

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    You love your lady and you’d do anything to please her, but the thought of going down on her fills you with absolute terror. That’s ok – plenty of guys feel the same way, so you’re certainly not alone. But in the pages of this unique guide to oral sex, you will find everything you need to scramble over the embarrassment hurdle and hone your technique.

    You’ll find out what makes her squirm with pleasure, what will turn her on so much that she’ll barely be able to resist you and what tips, tricks and techniques you can use to tip her over the edge every single time.

    You’ll be able to try some exotic positions and adventurous techniques that you may never have even heard of – not to mention that you’ll leave your woman begging for more. As the starter course for an evening of intense pleasure, what could be better than training your tongue to give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever felt?