law enforcement

  • Broken: Taylor by Hildie McQueen

    0 out of 5

    Ex-detective Taylor Hamilton is broken. After the devastating loss of his children and parents, his marriage crumbled and fell apart. Besides the grief, he is tortured daily by intense pain after a job related shooting. Not willing to allow the reality of what his life has become, he finds a way to deal with it that could make everything worse.

    Allison Brennan has one huge reason for returning to her childhood home of Laurel Creek, Montana…Taylor Hamilton. Looking for a fresh start after a failed relationship, Allison opens a flower shop and sets her sights on the ex-detective she’s loved since high school. Unfortunately the main obstacle in the way is none other than Taylor Hamilton.

    Do Taylor and Allison have a second chance at love, or will they destroy each other in the process?

  • The Wedding Agreement by Elizabeth Hayley

    0 out of 5

    The author of Just Say Yes is back with another sweet and sultry Strictly Business novel about working hard and falling harder into an unexpected romance…

    Love doesn’t always follow the same schedule…

    Alex Walker doesn’t need a woman in his life. In fact, he doesn’t have time for one. Between his career in the FBI and the demands of being good father, romance is an unwanted distraction.

    Likewise, Cassidy Mullen is fine on her own. The independent career woman has never had a husband in her plans—forget about kids. But when her friend Alex gets into a bind with his ex over their daughter, Cass finds herself suddenly playing the part of Alex’s stable, child-loving fiancée—and liking it a lot more than she’d care to admit.

    Soon Alex and Cass can’t deny the real passion growing between them. But as fake affection turns into real love, Cass and Alex will have to make a choice: say “I Do” to their feelings or give up on happily-ever-after for good…

  • The Crime of Seduction by Nadine LaForet

    0 out of 5

    “Heath was definitely more handsome in person than on his profile—if that was even possible. He was vital and flirty and had an incredible level of magnetism she found inescapable. From the second she felt his hand on her shoulder and heard him say her name, she was physically drawn to him in a way she had never experienced before…”

    Alex Barton is a hardworking young paralegal in the Emerald County Prosecutor’s Office in the fictional Northern California coastal town of Scottsville. Despite her grueling work life, Alex, a single woman in her early thirties with a passionate nature, yearns for a real connection with somebody. As Alex cruises through the personals of the dating site one night, she lays eyes on the stunningly attractive Heath Valentine, who reaches out to her online.

    Their first date is a sizzling one, and Alex is soon head over heels for Heath, an apparently wealthy man who lives in a tastefully designed house. Alex is thoroughly seduced—though her older and wiser friend Mari warns her not to get emotionally involved. Mari knows a slick salesman when she sees one.

    In Nadine LaForet’s suspense-filled debut erotic romance, hot and steamy sex is interwoven with romantic rejection and doubt. For Heath is too good to be true, and Alex is forced to face the embarrassing consequences of her actions. Through a series of twists, a new man comes on the scene for Alex who will accept her for who she is. But even after seeing the light, can she escape the net that has been woven around her?