Laura Bailey

  • TORN by Laura Bailey

    0 out of 5

    For years I have followed his life, biding my time. I will infiltrate his life, I will have my revenge… Madeline has followed businessman Daniel Harker from afar, biding her time for the perfect opportunity to infiltrate his life and seek her revenge; but she has not countered for the powerful presence of this enigmatic man. As their lives entwine, a compelling obsession develops between them and Madeline must fight to retain control. A short erotic romance with strong scenes of explicit sex, this is suitable only for those over 18. Prelude ~ ‘The tension in the room reached a new level; the predatory look in his eyes. Her anxiety took on added meaning as nothing could distract from the heightened air of sexual attraction between them; the presence of this man who seemed to wield control over her senses, an arousal that consumed her as she stood within his reach, his raw masculinity barely concealed behind the refined tailored suit he wore.’

  • SURRENDER TO ME The Obsession Series by Laura Bailey

    0 out of 5

    Former special forces millionaire Damien meets Tara when she comes to him searching for her fiancé Matt. Matt has wiped out their bank account and she has not heard from him. What she doesn’t know is that Matt has stolen 5 million dollars from Damien’s security company, and he wants it back. He thinks she may be a part of Matt’s plan so he is very angry with her. The two are very strongly sexually drawn to each other and Damien uses that to his advantage. He is going to draw up a contract for Tara to pay him back the money Matt took from him with sex. Will she go for it? Is she so totally drawn to him that she will offer herself as payment? Will Damien end up getting more involved with her than he anticipated or will the shadows of his former life continue to haunt him?

    You have to read this book to find out…some really hot and heavy sex scenes pull you in.

  • DESTROY ME. (The Obsession Series Books 1-3 Complete.) by Laura Bailey

    0 out of 5

    How can someone save you when they threaten to break you in two? My captor, My enemy, My everything. He promises to save me. He tells me to leave while I can. A man as menacing as he is seductive, a man whose touch scorches me, a man whose moments of devotion are more heartbreaking than his callousness. From the moment his eyes held mine I had no choice but to surrender to everything he was; his dark desires, his passion, his strength. A powerful obsession and forbidden needs consume us both. Bound to his dark sexuality, we embark on a battle of wills. He pushes me to the edge. He seeks release in me, momentary escape from the pain and loneliness that fills him. He carries the scars of the haunting legacy of dark secrets. His desires are undeniable, our obsession inevitable, but he doesn’t trust me. Whatever it takes, he says he will protect me… but he will never let me in. He promises to save me. He tells me to let go. We can’t be together. Enemies are like ghosts and what he does for me will either bind us closer…or destroy us completely. (With strong scenes of an explicit sexual nature, this is suitable only for those eighteen and over) An erotic haunting powerful love story, with strong scenes of sexual acts. The Complete ‘Obsession Series,’ featuring ‘Surrender to Me’, ‘Break Me,’ and Part Three, ‘Destroy Me.’