L.N. Pearl

  • The Setup – The Dark Billionaire by L.N. Pearl

    0 out of 5

    35 year old self made billionaire Bruce Wilson is a fierce New York businessman, also known as “The Hottest Bachelor of the Year”.

    Rich, handsome and powerful, there is nothing in this world he cannot have. He’s a go getter. Whatever he demands, he’s got to have it.

    Nobody handles his expectations better than Jennifer Stuart, his 28 year old assistant.

    Jennifer is smart, independent and dynamic. She’s the most driven and hard working young woman Bruce has ever met.

    However, his last request is something that even Jennifer cannot accept. For the first time in her career, she refuses to comply and decides to teach a lesson to her boss…

    A decision that will affect the rest of her life in a way she would have never expected.

    Heat rating: hot, steamy and mouth watering! 😉