L L Kipling

  • Too Scandalous The Series – Book 1 by L L Kipling

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    In the steamy, provocative Too Scandalous, Jordyn Ben-Gary is the girl who has it all! A promising career, rich lifestyle and pure independence is all this girl needs to make her happy. Jordyn is actually very happy until her life changes drastically when she’s introduced to her best friend’s hot fiancé Colin Brooks. The man is full of ego with a devilish personality and amazingly good looks. It’s not long before Jordyn is completely consumed by Colin, but her good girl morals won’t let her betray her best friend. Colin on the other hand makes it harder and harder for Jordyn to resist him and he really enjoys the juicy chase! Jordyn soon gives in to her wild sexual desire for Colin and in no time she finds herself involved in sex, lies and most of all…the betrayal of her best friend! Feeling hopeless, she is soon being consoled by her boss’s son Langdon Bolt who’s secretly wanted her for years. As secrets about Colin’s character comes to light and Jordyn’s guilt eats at her from the inside out, she’s torn between trying to walk away from the hot passion she feels for Colin….or the safe and welcoming arms of Langdon Bolt. Too Scandalous by L.L. Kipling is the first novella in a drama drenched three part series.