KT Bowe

  • Kourtney Klein: Sex Addict Sexy Threesome Seduction Erotica by KT Bowe

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    “You are a sex addict!” shouts Kourtney’s psychologist. On the verge of tears, Kourtney wants to storm out. But if Dr. Parks doesn’t write a favorable report, Kourtney will be fired from her waitress job. She accepts her bitchy shrink’s challenge to prove she can go without sex for a week; No blow jobs, no hand-jobs, no threesomes, no lesbian sex, not even kissing. This won’t be easy; Being a pretty blonde with a hot body, and a sweet face, she is hit on constantly. Kourtney truly believes she can be chaste for a week, but she encounters big temptations before even making it out of Dr. Parks’ office building. Discipline.Restraint. Kourtney is faced with the choice between chastity, or giving in to her lustful desires and spiraling totally out-of-control.

    This 8700+ words erotic story is about the turmoil Kourtney is facing, and how she comes up with a clever (not to mention kinky) plan to save a couple’s relationship.