Kit Dixon

  • Birds of a Feather by Kit Dixon

    0 out of 5

    How can you tell whether you’re running to or away from something?

    The moment Liz’s long term boyfriend proposes, she knows she has to get away. Far away. After all, the last thing she wants is more of the safe, predictable life she’s grown up with and if something doesn’t change, that’s exactly what she’s going to get.

    So she decides that if adventure isn’t going to find her, she’ll have to go looking for it.

    Her new life starts when Liz decides to open her heart and her mind by volunteering with underprivileged kids in sunny Peru. But it’s not long before she discovers she’s in way over her head.

    When the program coordinator sends her on a weekend hiking excursion to get some fresh air and some perspective, she is delighted to discover that the magnificent scenery includes a tour guide that just happens to be a totally gorgeous bird nerd.

    Fortunately for Liz, as she gets to know the unlikely companions on her tour, she begins to realize that sometimes flying away isn’t always such a bad idea.

    This is a free contemporary romance.