• Night Cap by Chris Bostic

    0 out of 5

    Any other time, Hope might have enjoyed a personal tour of the renowned Bison Path Distillery. But not with Alyssa along. Hope’s internet-famous diva of a boss was a handful to look after on her mildest days.
    With a room full of rare, priceless bottles, and rack houses loaded to the rafters with some of the most exclusive barrels on earth, Hope was ready to try some samples. Definitely a healthy night cap when the long day was done. However, all that expensive bourbon made the distillery a ripe target. So, of course, a big heist would have to go down while Hope was visiting.
    Alyssa was no help in a situation like that, or pretty much any other time. Fortunately, they traveled with an ex-cop for a bodyguard. With Lee’s help, they at least stood a fighting chance of getting out alive.
    Please be advised – The Bourbon Heist Series is recommended for mature audiences, ages 18+

  • Rhone’s Rebel (The Road to Rocktoberfest Book 5) by TL Travis

    0 out of 5

    Rhone Horne, drummer for the band Embrace the Fear, bleeds rock ‘n roll. Being the son of legendary drummer Sage Horne, the first time Rhone picked up his father’s old drumsticks, he knew he was destined to follow in his footsteps. But filling such big shoes would not come easily.

    Ely Pearcy, made a promise to himself on his eighteenth birthday that he would never again hide who he was. His love of lace, silk, and six-inch heels got him banned from his childhood home the day he graduated high school. Alone and penniless, Ely sought solace in a local LGBTQA+ shelter amongst his peers.

    Rhone’s Rebel is the 5th book in the multi-author Road To Rocktoberfest series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not stay and enjoy the whole show? If you like scorching tales of hot rock stars and the men who love them, then you’ll adore the untamed musicians of Rocktoberfest!

    Rhone’s Rebel takes place between Derek’s Destiny, book 2 and Jaxson’s Nemesis, book 3 of the Maiden Voyage series.

  • Midnight Touch by L. Ann

    0 out of 5

    Trouble always finds Shaun Jacobs…

    So, really, the sizzling hot alpha male shouldn’t have been surprised when a move to a new town and a fresh start doesn’t go according to plan – especially when Shaun’s wolf lays claim to the beauty he unexpectedly finds on his property.

    Passion soars, but Cassie comes with her own brand of trouble in the form of an ex who can’t take no for an answer.

    To make matters worse, there’s a hunter on Shaun’s tail. One who will stop at nothing to take down the Midnight pack once and for all.

    The stakes are high but Shaun won’t be going down without a fight.

  • Under a Western Sky, western historical romance boxed set by Kaye Spencer, Cheryl Pierson, Patti Sherry-Crews, Tracy Garrett, Agnes Alexander, Celia Yeary

    0 out of 5

    The best love stories blossom UNDER A WESTERN SKY! Six novel-length tales of danger, excitement, and romance in the Old West will entertain the western romance reader and the armchair adventurer. Six authors weave stories of handsome marshals, Texas Rangers, gunslingers, outlaws, hired guns, and wealthy landowners who meet their matches with the strong women they dare to love.

  • The Quarterback’s Love Child by Kerry Taylor

    0 out of 5


    I was told that lust was a deadly sin.

    His name was Carl Owens.

    The star quarterback in Stowe Peak’s High School was so out of my league until I tripped in the hall. When he came to my rescue everything changed.

    I knew that lechery was a deadly sin, but his touch wiped away all my fears.

    We got to know each other in so many different ways.

    It didn’t feel wrong to be in love.

    There’s nothing bad about two people expressing how they feel.

    I had been taught by the church to be a good girl, and to steer clear of sin but the temptation was too much.


    Her name was Michelle Nelson.

    She was the untouched cherry that everyone wanted to pick. She turned from a bud to a beautiful flower over one summer and that’s when I noticed her.

    All the boys wanted her body, but she seemed to give me the first pick as I helped her pick up her books that day. A conversation turned to a date, which resulted in me tasting her sweet body. She came to my games, watched me practice and made me realize that there was more to life then just football. I saw things in a totally different light.

  • Wrecked by Kerry Taylor

    0 out of 5



    I don’t know what he’s hiding from, what he’s done, but one thing’s for sure: