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  • Seduced by her Stepbrother by Taryn James

    0 out of 5

    Melanie Jacobs hasn’t seen her billionaire stepbrother Christian in years. After their parents’ explosive divorce, she never expected to see him again but to her shock, he suddenly re-enters her life, making demands and rekindling her feelings for him! Will she resist his handsome looks and sensuous ways, or will Melanie be … Seduced By Her Stepbrother?

  • Secrets of the Pack Book #1: Invocations by Dalia K. Blackwell by Dalia K. Blackwell

    0 out of 5

    “You want me to go undercover… to a shifter pack?”

    Lana’s career with the FBI is in a nosedive. Being transferred to the obscure Alternative Investigations Section is a career death sentence. But Lana discovers that the strange section is home to the Bureau’s investigations of the paranormal, especially shifters.

    Now she has to go undercover, to a shifter pack deep in the rural woodlands. Her only lifeline is fellow undercover Agent Jansen Darius, but he has secrets of his own and he certainly doesn’t need an upstart agent interfering with his investigation. Unfortunately for him, his attraction to Lana is strong, and almost too primal to resist.

  • Ache for Austin by Sharon Love

    0 out of 5

    Austin is one of those men women ache to be near and the little sister of his high school friend is no different. Amber longs to be close to him even if it is under false pretenses.

    Austin’s a toucher, flirtatious even. He’s always there offering a hug, lingering his hand on a woman’s knee and winking with a suggestive smile.

    How could Amber resist him? She almost didn’t right before she moved away for ten years. Her high school reunion brought her back in town. She could no longer ignore the repressed desires teenage Amber had for Austin. She takes him to the reunion and discovers the desires he kept to himself for too long.

  • Plowed and Planted by the Shemale

    0 out of 5

    Laura desperately wants to have a baby, but without a boyfriend her chances of getting pregnant are nonexistent. Only Michelle, a trainer at the fitness center she visits, sees Laura's emptiness.

    The sleek and fit Michelle has an unexpected solution to Laura's problem, a big solution that she will gladly wield – hard, without protection, and right there in the locker room – to fill Laura completely and give her the baby she wants.

  • The Dairymaid’s Secret Desire by Maisy Borten

    0 out of 5

    Although Elsa knows that Roderick, the lord's heir, is pursuing her only for her generous breasts, she can't help but respond to his bright eyes and broad shoulders. But it's not only her heart that's affected: the women of her family begin producing milk as soon as they become intimate with a man.

    Elsa can guard against physical intimacy, but Roderick's very presence stimulates her inherited trait. Worse, she finds herself falling in love with the young lord, a man far above her station. As her master, he can use her ability to lactate for whatever purpose he chooses – unless she can somehow keep her ability secret.

  • The Dairymaid’s Sweet Revenge by Maisy Borten

    0 out of 5

    Although her sister has become the wife of the lord's heir, Freda is merely a dairymaid. Content with her lowborn status, she ignores the scorn of Sheridan, the lord's second son – until he directs it at her sister.

    Her fiery defense intrigues Sheridan, who pursues her despite her rebuffs. Freda knows no good can come of his interest, and she refuses to admit her growing attraction to him. Undeterred, the young lord will go to any means to have her, including abduction.

  • Taken for Granted by Rowena

    0 out of 5

    Avery’s fiancé drains their financial resources, leaving them broke and depending on Chad, her fiancé’s hot best friend.

    They have to find a way to pay strong, muscular Chad back for letting them stay in his condo until they get back on their feet, and Chad has a couple of naughty ideas how.

  • Bang-Up by Jack Hammer

    0 out of 5

    HMP Blakenhall houses some of the UK’s toughest ‘Lifers’ and new faces have to earn their place amongst them. Fresh from the Block John Gambit is paired with Gunnar, the Wing’s Daddy, so he can be shown the ropes.

    And as it’s Gunnar’s Wing, it’s Gunnar’s rules.

    Gambit realises that reputation counts for nothing, but is there more to him than meets the eye? And why do they call him half-pint?

  • The Hunky Elf by Meg Cooper

    0 out of 5

    Ivy is out of work and low on funds, and is at the point of taking any job being offered. But a Santa’s Elf? At barely five feet tall, she initially takes the offer as an insult, then realizes a job is a job, regardless of whether you have to wear green striped hose and pointy shoes.

    When she arrives in Santa’s Wonderland, she sees the other elf on duty. Russell is about as opposite of an elf as can be found — tall, built, and hunky. Then Ivy discovers Russell is there on a secret mission from Santa — the real one — and Ivy needs to do her part to make Christmas magic happen. That’s pretty difficult when all she wants to do is hang out under the mistletoe…

    The Hunky Elf is a short & spicy paranormal romance. The story contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. About 6,500 words.

  • A Hunk for Christmas by Meg Cooper

    0 out of 5

    Casey stopped believing in Santa Claus in the third grade when she found her father passed out on the living room floor surrounded by half-wrapped presents on Christmas morning. But if Santa doesn’t exist, who is the mysterious elf that’s been giving her gifts the past few mornings, only to vanish when she sees him? And since when was one of Santa’s elves a hunky, half-naked thirty year old?

    A Hunk for Christmas is a short & spicy paranormal romance. The story contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. About 8,000 words.

  • Taken By Surprise by Rowena

    0 out of 5

    Nicolette knows she shouldn’t fantasize about her boyfriend’s sexy best friend, Jacob, so she keeps her crush a secret until her boyfriend’s troubles land him in jail, and Jacob makes it clear that he wants her, and intends to have her.

    Jacob can’t stop the dirty, lusty thoughts he has of his best friend’s girl, and now that he has a chance with the young hottie, he’s going to take it—hard.

  • Breaking Hammer by Sabrina Paige

    0 out of 5

    99 cent sale for release week only! Regular price $2.99!

    He would search the ends of the earth to bring her home.

    Betrayed by the MC he once loved, mourning the brutal murder of his wife, Joe “Hammer” Holder is just trying to hang on to the pieces of his life. He swore he would never fall in love again.

    Until Meia.

    But Meia belongs to another man – a human trafficker with unlimited political connections and power, who ensures her loyalty by holding someone she loves in his grasp. Love is not part of Meia’s destiny.

    Until Hammer.

    Can love blossom in the midst of unspeakable pain and loss? And when Meia disappears without a trace, will Hammer’s love be enough to help her survive?

    This is a standalone full length novel with a HEA. The series can be read in any order,

    although it is recommended to start with book one in order to better understand the club dynamics.

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