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  • My Dirty Vacation by Grace Risata

    0 out of 5

    “When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s fine dining, extravagant shows, and lots of gambling. Not in my world. Not when you’re surrounded by alpha males with a penchant for violence who ignore your meticulously crafted itinerary and expect you to ‘go with the flow.’ Why does nothing EVER turn out like I plan?”

  • Mowed: An Erotic BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) Comedy Romance by Grace Risata

    0 out of 5

    Curvy girl Pepper is accustomed to flying under everyone’s radar. Being a big girl hasn’t led to many dates or exciting adventures. All of that was about to change. Through the small-town rumor mill, Pepper learns her old teenage crush just moved back to town. Jason was the star quarterback, prom king, and also Pepper’s neighbor from across the street. One day he sees Pepper out mowing the lawn and makes her an offer of no-strings attached, no-holds barred sex that has the potential to benefit them both.

  • SPARKED: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    Will he rock my world or break my heart?


    When my roommate dragged me to a dive bar, I couldn’t wait to leave.

    Then *he* started hitting on me.

    Yeah, he’s impossibly sexy, but he’s really not my type.

    He’s pushy and cocky and a total player.

    Did I mention he sings in a rock band?

    And has women screaming his name whenever he’s onstage?

    If I get involved with him, he’ll break my heart.

    But maybe it’s worth the pain.


    I don’t want to hurt Amber … I want to pleasure her. Endlessly.

    Until she screams.

    Relationships aren’t my style, but I can give her memories to last a lifetime.

    Big, hard, unstoppable memories.

    That’s my plan … until I find out she’s a good girl.

    Definitely not my type.

    I should be running as fast as I can.

    Not going back for more.

    Sparked is a novel-length bad-boy rockstar romance with no cheating and a happy ending! For a limited time, a bonus book (Perfect) is also included.

  • Nights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata

    0 out of 5

    Dane and Izzy.

    Complete opposites.

    As the New Year begins, they find themselves facing very different circumstances.

    Dane is a street racer stuck with a blown engine, no money, and no options after he gets fired for saving a damsel in distress.

    Izzy can’t believe she was just rescued by the same handsome stranger she walks past, and lusts after, on a daily basis. With a massive blizzard about to bury the town, she ends up taking him in for the night.

    Sparks fly when she brings out his playful side, and he shows her a passion she’s never known before.

    As they slowly begin to trust each other, walls come down and tragic pasts emerge. Dane is haunted by the family he never had, while Izzy will stop at nothing to deny her birthright.

    When Dane receives an offer he can’t refuse, will one bad decision cost him everything? Or will fate intervene and send these two down the path they were destined for?

    This is a full length, stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers. Please be advised that you will find strong language, attractive men with tattoos, a dog with a cat name, steamy bedroom scenes including one involving Doritos, plenty of character backstory, and a very healthy dose of humor.

  • Wanting the Wizard by Delilah Lefevre

    0 out of 5

    Psion Todd Theron is off to Boston Magical University. With classic good looks and a potentially paranormal but unknown charm, Todd’s never struggled for a woman’s attention. That is, until he meets Maggie, who seems strangely resistant to him.

    Wizard Maggie McKay is focused on making it through school without the usual distractions of partying and sexy men. Homework and classes come first, second is finding time to brew potions for sale on the side. After all, tuition isn’t cheap. Despite her best efforts, Todd may prove to be a distraction she can’t ignore.

    But things go awry when an accident of Maggie’s own brewing hits the pair of them. Will their night of unintended passion and intense emotions leave them at odds? Or will their budding relationship survive fraternity politics and the temptations of others?

  • Lusty Lexi Bundle by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    Lexi Milan’s a sexy heiress with a problem. Ever since Richard Butler took over as House Manager, the staff’s turned surly. She ends up in a compromising position with the drivers and then the gardeners. Finally, she finds out Richard’s shameful secret, using it and him to get control of her house and sex life back.

  • Stuffed Shorts by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    You’ll have a hard time holding on to your Kindle while reading these four hot shorts by Gilda Gang! This collection includes Ridden by Cowboys, Snaked on a Plane, Porked by the Police, and Stuffed and Basted. Read all about four different women getting what they’ve always secretly wanted from multiple hot studs at once.

  • Breaking Butler by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    Sexy heiress Lexi Milan is sick of House Manager Richard Butler stealing from payroll and blaming it on her. Finally, the maids inform her that Dick likes to steal and wear Lexi’s laciest unmentionables. She teams up with a depraved driver and a dirty gardener to break Mr. Butler and put him in his place. This might just be Lexi’s lustiest adventure yet!