Kimmie Easley

  • The Boneyard: The Lost Boys Shifter Series by Kimmie Easley

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    Koe Baines is a content, but willful grizzly.
    He lives by a single code. To pay off his debt to his Alpha. A debt for rescuing him and giving him a proper chance at life. To him, there is no greater mission. His days on the Montana ranch are rooted in hard work, and his alcohol-soaked nights with rotating bedmates. It’s a simple formula. One that’s worked for years. All the way up until the day he found a greater debt for a much greater reward.
    Pearly Renne is the new vet for The Lost Boys Ranch.
    She’s over the moon for the opportunity because she’s always lived a quiet life, growing up on her parents’ land, helping run the family’s bait shop, and going off to college as planned. Never once did she expect her tiny, normal world to explode once she’s offered the position as the new ranch vet by cattle mogul, and Alpha, Lorne Baines.
    Koe’s not ready for what Pearly brings with her to the ranch. The tension. The frustration. The hunger she creates deep in his boiling gut. And the deep, generational secrets. The secrets that come with being hunted by a wicked, rival wolf pack that will stop at nothing to get to the human girl.
    Are the Lost Boys ready for the secrets that come with protecting Pearly and her past?
    Will Koe be able to keep Pearly safe, or will she be buried along with the secrets that have plagued her since birth?
    An Alpha with everything to lose.
    A lone grizzly with everything to gain.
    And a small-town girl with a clan to claim as her own.
    The Boneyard has secrets, Shifters, and just the right amount of sass and ass!