Kiana Firouz

  • Gordafarid Is A Queer by Kiana Firouz

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    Millionaire socialite Javid Aref has always wanted to give back to her birth country — and no, supporting multiple charities dedicated to various Iranian causes doesn’t count — three years ago, she discovered the existence of a mighty sword with the ability to heal the world. Three years ago, she assembled a team and made a pact to save the world with them.

    Now, she has called them all together to make good on their promise. They think their mission is simple, and little do they know what awaits them on this journey. With the world’s fate resting on their shoulders, all womxns will have to overcome fears and discover the true meaning of bravery, all while knowing that their lives might be the ultimate sacrifice.

    Gordafarid Is A Queer is about love, friendship, loyalty, patriotism, and adventure. It encompasses all the small stories of Javid and the lesbian squad’s lives that together make up something more significant.