Kendall Michelle

  • Masked Obsession- Part I by Kendall Michelle

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    Though the devastating breakup with Donte Carrera still haunts her after five years, Erika Anderson, an African-American senior advertising account executive, opens herself up to the possibility of a relationship with Fernando Vega, her sexy best male friend.

    Fernando and Donte share more than being notorious Latino playboys, wealthy business owners and sons of cartel bosses. Both men are obsessed with Erika and will stop at nothing to have her. Neither of them could have predicted sharing that obsession with Donte’s best friend, Kevin Jackson.

    Ever patient and observant, Kevin has wanted Erika from the moment he saw her at one of Fernando’s college house parties and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get her.

    The past threatens the future as lies are revealed, secrets are uncovered and passions are ignited.

    Masked Obsession- Part II and Part III are also available on Amazon.