Kemka Ezinwo

  • Something New by Kemka Ezinwo

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    Two women are hauled together by their husbands’ partnership but that’s not all they have in common.

    After five years of being married to Moses without any children to show for it, Athena is at a crossroad which is further exasperated by an obnoxious mother-in-law who brings in another woman to help the process; to top it off her husband is cheating on her.

    Temitope has been married to Olamide for ten years. Although she has two daughters she desperately needs to give birth to a male child that will inherit her husband’s empire and secure her marriage. She is worried that a mistake she had made is costing her the opportunity of doing so and will do anything to ensure no other woman takes her place. One thing is certain they’ll do anything to keep their marriage… but will they succeed? Meanwhile, Moses starts a liaison with Cynthia who is in a contract marriage with Olamide and now she is pregnant…