Kelly Renée

  • On My Radar by Kelly Renée

    0 out of 5

    Vampires have come so far but, like everyone else, they have their weaknesses. In this story Jess, an adapted human, has found herself becoming a stalker to one of the sexy local vampires, Tremlin. Tremlin never takes her attention off of Jess, constantly protecting and watching her without fully letting it become obvious. The two start getting closer and more involved with each other. On one intense day, flames burn between them as they take a ride with death. Sex is simply the only thing that will save them both. They test their luck while putting both their lives on the line. How far are they both willing to go to save each other?

    If you like sex, steam, sexy vampires (rather than gross blood thirsty vampires), lesbians, a love story, drama, suspense, etc. You will want to read this short erotica story! It’s a whole new take on vampires. Let’s just say, this vampire needs a human to survive. Are you curious why? (It has nothing to do with human blood.)