Kelly Harrison

  • 30 B4 30? by Kelly Harrison

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    With her 30th birthday galloping towards her, C (only a select few call her Cordelia) wonders if she can get to her significant birthday without any more notches on the bed post. Her aim is not to hit 30 lovers before she reaches the age of 30.

    C looks back on the men she has met and how her relationships (and sex) have shaped her as a woman, from growing up in the home counties, to her university years in Leeds and Paris, to travelling the world. C drinks too much, parties too hard and has probably had too many lovers – but has had lots of fun doing it!

    But might any of these men have been ‘the one’? Has C let Mr Right slip through her fingers? And is it too late to do anything about it?

    30 B4 30? is a humorous look at one woman's adventures as she careers slightly out of control towards the big three-oh.