Kathleen Rao

  • Erotic Sensation Series: #2 The Gift of Passion – (Threesome, MFF, Surprise, Best Friend) by Kathleen Rao

    0 out of 5

    Victoria, a shy introverted book-lover and college Professor meets Mike, an unpublished erotica writer, at the local bookstore and ends up falling for his naughty mind as she reluctantly reads his book for the first time. Driven to the edge by his writing, she finally finds him at the most unexpected place and makes her passion for him known. Then on Mike’s birthday, Victoria racks her brain to select the best gift for him, and finally decides to surprise him by acting out a girl-on-girl scene from his very own book.

  • Erotic Sensation Series: #1 The Perfect Gift by Kathleen Rao

    0 out of 5

    Stuck in the mundane world of to-do lists and career responsibilities, Josh and Isabel, married for 5 years, decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary away from the cacophony of the city and their busy professional lives. But to add a little twist to their anniversary celebration, the couple agrees to give each other something that can’t be purchased, but rather something far more creative and erotic that only the two of them could provide to each other. This idea turns out a success, as things really heat up when Isabel and Josh execute their own erotic plans to bring each other’s fantasies alive by selecting the most perfect gift for their partner.

    # 2 Coming Soon!