Kate Novak

  • How to Attract Men in Public: Dating Guide for Women by Kate Novak

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    The search for a perfect partner undoubtedly takes up much of the time of both man and woman. But there are times when the perfect person has been found, and the progress suddenly gets stunted – it is one thing to look for the ideal man, and an entirely different thing to get close to him. This kind of issue is familiar to almost all women except the most outward going of the kind. The author has, of course, also experienced the same issues. And like many would do in such a situation, she has also turned to various resources to resolve this concern. From friends to the Internet, to her own incisive observations of women’s and men’s actions and of various success stories, she has compiled all of what she has seen and studied into a comprehensive volume that is guaranteed to help the user solve her problem – attracting the man she loves! Her methods have helped nearly countless others. In this book, the reader will learn very basic foundations of preparing to meet the man of her dreams – both inside and outside. Step-by-step actions are outlined, complete with long term solutions. If you want to snag your man and learn the foundations of establishing a good relationship with him, this is the guide for you!