Kate Kennelly

  • Isles of Stone: The Complete Trilogy by Kate Kennelly

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    Her worst nightmare. His dark past. Can they save their people? A deadly epidemic devastates Whitestrand city.

    Healer Natalie Desmond must unravel the disease’s secrets before it spreads. Lives are on the line—among them, her beloved family.

    In the wake of an injury, Healer Jules Rayvenwood can no longer use Healing magic. Reluctantly, he works with a former student, Natalie, to regain his abilities. It’s a tough pill to swallow for someone once so gifted in his profession.

    Ordered to fight the epidemic as a team, Natalie and Jules must make their partnership work—or face the disastrous consequences.

    Will Natalie and Jules save their people in time?

    What your fellow readers say about the Isles of Stone trilogy:

    “This fantastic debut novel sets the scene of a wonderful new world for readers to explore and gives you characters you can’t stop thinking about even when the book has come to a close.” – Amazon Reviewer

    “This new author has done a nice job of blending mystery, action, and romance. She has created characters you can identify with, a landscape of setting that is vibrant, and a storyline that has you turning pages to see what happens next.” – Amazon Reviewer

    “This series features a unique world of magical healers, a very unique magic system and world which is refreshing in a very crowded YA sub-genre.” – Amazon Reviewer

    “Grab a copy, a cup of your favourite beverage, curl up in your favourite reading spot and become lost in this wonderfully written series. Highly recommend.” – Amazon Reviewer

    “What a rollercoaster of a series and what an amazing last book in the series. I devoured it in an afternoon. It was mesmerising, all the things that happened to Natalie, her struggles to come to terms with her new self, were oh so real. The villain was truly demented, causing all sorts of problems for your main characters. Through it all the sense of comradeship shone though despite all the issues. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and am sad it has finished.” – Amazon Reviewer