Kat Stiles

  • A Fated Exception by Kat Stiles

    0 out of 5

    Cass is just a brilliant programmer to the outside world, a super geek paid millions to fix unfixable computers. What no one knows is she’s really a technomage – she has the ability to communicate with any program or machine through touch.

    The world Cass lives in is one that fears her kind. She is one of a dwindling number of “enhanced,” people whose DNA was optimized at birth. Hunted by OCEI, an organization that will stop at nothing to eliminate the enhanced, Cass and other enhanced hide their abilities to survive. Relationships are forbidden—the chemical reaction of fluids exchanged with super-charged DNA can be deadly.

    When Cass is called in to troubleshoot an unresponsive android, she makes an alarming discovery: humanity is on the verge of extinction. Her only clue is a sexy shapeshifter, Tyler, who sparks a desire within her she can’t control. No matter how much she tries to ignore him, she can’t deny the intense attraction she feels. But that attraction is dangerous, for both of them.

    Can Cass discover the plan to wipe out humanity before it’s too late? And can she resist Tyler, or will her desire for him be her undoing?

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