Kalita Kay

  • How To Meet And Marry The Man Of Your Dreams Guaranteed by Kalita Kay

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    This book is for anyone seeking to improve their romantic relationships or any relationship that is important to them. Kalita Kay unravels the ultimate success factor in any relationship, which is understanding human worth. The false belief that we are not worthy is the root of failure in not only our relationships but also in our life. If we correct this false belief, we re-build our foundation, thereby changing our outlook on life. The world that we experience through our senses is a direct reflection of what is happening internally. If we are experiencing lack or anything negative, it is a sign that something is out of balance internally. In order to improve our life, we have to improve ourselves. Our life changes only to the degree that we change. When we contemplate, meditate and accept this truth, we empower ourselves to take action. When we accept the truth that human worth is intrinsic and immeasurable we remember that we already have everything we are seeking including the intimate love that we seek from a romantic partner. Love is inherent in being human. We do not experience the emotion called love because we have fallen in love; we experience love because we allow others to help us access the emotion called love. The love that we are so deeply seeking is already there, it just has to be accessed. Knowing this, we choose partners and friends because they help us elevate and feel good, and we do the same for them. We refrain from staying in toxic relationships which stem from the false belief that we “need” them. Love needs nothing, and because we already have love, because we are created out of love, we learn to love and to receive love unconditionally. And now we can love unconditionally knowing that to give, increases the overall joy for all of us.