Kahlua Stark

  • Lockdown Confessions: Erotic tales of love in closed spaces by Kahlua Stark

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    Three sizzling stories of love during the lockdown. When you’re trapped in a confined space with a sexy partner, there’s really only one way to blow off steam! Here are the erotic exploits of three couples who put their lockdown restrictions to good use.

    LAUNDRY ROOM: Locked down with three toddlers, Julia and Jeff discover that the laundry room is the perfect spot for a sexy rendezvous. What starts off as just another chore in a busy day turns into a sizzling encounter that reignites their hunger for each other.

    THE OFFICE: Asked to stay in office for the lockdown, Katherine knows the chemistry between her and Roberto, the silver fox Italian investor, is going to turn into something more. She discovers that he’s a decisive, demanding lover who knows how to dominate her, even in the middle of a video conference call.

    PINA COLADA: When Adam and Olivia are locked down in their own apartments, across the hall from each other, they begin to crave each other. One afternoon, during a beach theme party for just the two of them, things turn into a hot, sticky, pineapple-scented lovemaking session.