Justin Finaughty

  • SpectralSexual by Justin Finaughty

    0 out of 5

    While she was alive, my wife and I had an amazing sex life.

    We were soul mates, but when she was taken away too early, I was devastated.

    We were destined to be together, so she found a way to come back – with the ability to temporarily “borrow” someone else’s body. This is the story of some of our adventures.

  • McLovin’ by Justin Finaughty

    0 out of 5

    Book one in the Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum series.

    Your first job is often filled with many new experiences: your first paycheque, your first performance review, and for young Amy, her first threesome.

    Her budding sexuality has her exploring herself – and others – to learn what makes her feel good. Tonight, it’s Mike and Kevin who get to enjoy her explorations.

    An erotic short, approximately 5000 words.