Judith Jackson

  • Coming Unclued by Judith Jackson

    0 out of 5

    When Val Valentyn suggests that someone should put her nasty boss out of his misery, she is only joking. But when Val stumbles into her bedroom and finds Mr. Potter, his blood soaking into her brand new 400-thread-count sheets, it seems she has been taken literally. Val knows that regardless of a couple minor, not even worth mentioning incidents, where she was a teensy bit violent after one too many drinks, there is no way she killed her cheap, petty, world-class halitosis suffering boss. May he rest in peace. The problem is, the police are convinced it was she who stabbed Mr. Potter. Someone has to find the real killer and it looks like it will have to be Val. But she’s not alone. Her best friend Julie and her seventy-two year old neighbour Rose, are along for the ride. hile their sleuthing skills may be negligible, Val is convinced that determination and a positive attitude will lead them to the killer. And while she isn’t personally blessed with either of these qualities, she is plenty desperate, and doesn’t inspiration come from desperation? Or something like that. Inspiration comes from something. Coming Unclued is Book One in the laugh-out-loud Val Valentyn series.