Ju Ephraime

  • White Magic Woman by Ju Ephraime

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    Todd Montgomery is a newly married man who works with the Malaria Research Center in New South Wales. He has been sent to St. Lucia to discover a cure for a new strain of Malaria that is not responding to the usual treatments. This assignment keeps him away from his wife for long periods of time. But, in spite of the time he spends apart from her, he does not seek out other women.

    For the past three months something strange has been happening to Todd. He has been having dreams of a woman using his body like her own personal play thing. It doesn’t take long for what he believed to be a dream to actually be reality. A woman is essentially raping him nightly and his greatest fear is that it will destroy his marriage. Not knowing what to do, he returns home for a short visit and finds out that he is unable to have an erection even with the woman he loves more than life itself. Unwilling to explain the situation to his wife, Simonia, he returns to St. Lucia and seeks out the help of an Obeah woman. Turns out the Obeah woman couldn’t help him. With no other choice, Todd leaves his position and returns home.

    Things between Todd and Simonia are once again back to normal, their sex life is as active as it ever was, and he is beginning to believe he’d evaded the witch. One night he wakes up in his bathroom covered in bruises and bite marks. He can no longer keep this away from his wife and confesses to her. Simonia immediately contacts her Papino, an aborigine, skilled in the art of magic. Simonia and Todd have no choice but to return St. Lucia to stop the witch.