JT Schultz

  • Laws of Love by JT Schultz

    0 out of 5

    Jackson Hunter thought he had seen it all, until one bad day forces him to take city transit. A nutcase in a bunny outfit and designer sunglasses hops on, gives out money in a card to every passenger then hops off. Chasing the bunny down a sidewalk after it hops away is weirder. Finding out the beautiful blonde at a bar that has caught his eye is not only the runaway rabbit but the lawyer suing him sends the fur flying and some fancy footwork.

    Attorney Abigail Crosby has it all. She also has zero patience for Hunter Industries the company that plans to destroy the neighborhood she grew up in and leave families without affordable housing. How was she to know that the hunky on the bus could fill the void in her life that she never noticed before? Only after great conversation, shared meals and mind-blowing sex she discovers that he is the defendant. With the court date fast approaching, emotions are running high. Can she pull a rabbit out of her hat, saving her career and what she has with Jack or in the end will it boil down to the laws of love?