Jordan Bell

  • Going Too Far (The Curvy Submissive #1) by Jordan Bell

    0 out of 5

    A year out of college and curvy girl Katrina Koile has learned that chasing your dreams isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. She struggles to pay rent, none of her relationships last longer than five minutes, and her brother Brian’s criticism grows harder to ignore.

    Grow up, he tells her. You’re wasting your time.

    When she accepts an invitation to a private, adult themed party, it feels like the first time she’s really taken control of her life. Bondage. Submission. These tantalizing, forbidden words call to the part of her that longs to have just one thing no one can take from her. She wants to be someone’s everything, unconditionally, for just one night.

    What she isn’t prepared for is that one of the Doms at the party isn’t a stranger.

    She’s known Josh Murcek since she was twelve. He’s her brother’s best friend, the boy who tutored her in algebra, taught her to tie cherry stems with her tongue, and now the man she looks up to like an older brother. Being his everything for one night could ruin their friendship forever.

    And she thought her life was out of control before.

    The Curvy Submissive Series:



    WANTING IT ALL, #3 (Coming Soon)