Jolley Sparks

  • Commando in Chief: The Making of a Hotwife by Jolley Sparks

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    This novella tells about the path of Angela Dorian, 44, from a respectable good wife and mother to an exhibitionist hotwife. A good wife to a wealthy businessman, a caring mother to two college sons, Angela is well-educated and rich. She has broad interests: she reads everything and anything, on art, history, society, literature, romance. She doesn’t have a regular job, doesn’t need to: hubby does, and she has a couple of millions tucked away in a personal bank account. But her life isn’t boring. She writes short stories, draws, works out at the gym and does yoga. She is also, in her own words, “very, very beautiful.” Dark hair; big hazel eyes; smooth olive skin thanks to her Mediterranean ancestors; long legs and a round behind, which she keeps in great shape with with exercise; large breasts that are pretty firm for their size, with large and dark red areolas. In the gym or during yoga, most guys have a hard time peeling their eyes off her curves. She enjoys the attention but behaves. Her marriage is OK. Hubby is a good, upright man: goes to church, visits the community gatherings, works hard, doesn’t look at other women. The problem is, he doesn’t look much at her either. He is 60, sixteen years older, maybe that’s why. But he also doesn’t have an ounce of imagination. No kinks, no innovations. Angela is usually on her back, legs spread, he on top. No oral sex. Good girls don’t suck dick, and respectable men don’t eat pussy. The worst thing is — he is her first and only, thanks to her conservative upbringing. To cope with her boring sex life, Angela fantasizes and masturbates, but you can only enjoy it this much. It all changes one day when hubby goes on a five-day business trip. Angela contemplates the passing of time and the possibilities her beautiful body could open for her. But she is ashamed and won’t dare. Until the day her hubby calls and treats her like a total asshole. Resentment and anger — and the long-suppressed desire to display her beautiful body, to be admired, to be made love to — pushes her on a path to become more and more daring. She starts by going to the gym in very tight and revealing clothes, then flirting with a guy there; going for a walk with no panties on, then “accidentally” flashing a guy at the coffee shop, then masturbating in her car in the middle of a parking lot; then going for a run wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a sports bra that leave her curves totally exposed. Finally, she gives a nude cam-show to a total stranger she met online in a chatroom, who is half her age. Angela still hasn’t crossed a line though. She has been naughty, yes, but hasn’t allowed a man to touch her. Yet. After hubby offends her feelings even more, she decides to take revenge. In her own words, she decides to turn his wife “into the promiscuous slut that he deserves.” She drives to the town where her online lover lives and invites him to her hotel room. They make mad love, but this is only the beginning. A fun-filled, naughty, and sex-filled life awaits her.