John Vignesh

  • Vowed To Succeed: A Guide to Lasting Love for, and by, Power Couple by John Vignesh

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    The world that we live in today requires most of us to spend our time working hard to achieve our goals in life, but in doing so we lose sight of the most important things in our lives; most importantly, we lose touch with our love for our partners. Believing that love is the potent energy that can lead a couple to succeed in their relationship, in their dreams and, ultimately, in their life together, John and Revathi Vignesh share the keys to their success in love and life, both from their own lives and from the stories of 5 other Power Couples who stand as testaments to the Power of Love.In these pages you’ll uncover the new strategies to lasting love, including how to keep that love kindled throughout your journey as a couple, how to manage challenges outside of your relationship, the use of resourceful thinking to create opportunities and why having Passion is important.