John U. Nwankwo

  • The Female Orgasm by John U. Nwankwo Ph.D

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    How can you bring out the pleasure cooker in her and retain your chemistry—attractiveness for your partner? How do you plan to defeat sexual and intimate failure in your lifelong loving romantic relationship with her? In this easy to understand guide, Dr John presents effective strategies to help you unleash the female orgasm in ways you never before have experienced it, and how you can successfully bring out the pleasure cooker in her and keep it that way. This serves as a book of continuing passionate sex and intimate education for couples and lovers. Dr. John is convinced that your romantic relationship with your spouse can take a new dimension and be exceptionally successful. He wants you to believe that you can do better than you are doing right now in your love life, health, sexual intercourse with her, romance, and how you can successfully retain the chemistry, defeat failure, and sustain the attraction and intimacy with your spouse.