Jody Kaye

  • Splinter of Hope by Jody Kaye

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    I want that.
    It was the first thought that entered my mind when I laid eyes on her.
    Kimber is all creamy skin and vibrant red hair. The fiery kind that makes a man understand there is strength in her convictions. She’ll stand by the ones she loves, no matter the cost.
    And it fuels the desire to make her mine.
    The biggest choice she made left her arms empty.
    I’m searching for a flicker of hope she’ll let me fill them again.
    I want that.
    For her.
    For us.
    Today is the day.
    Four years is a long time for any man to wait.
    But if Kimber’s heart hasn’t mended yet, mine will splinter. Because it means I haven’t given the woman I love everything she needs.