Jodi Smith

  • Defiant Angel by Jodi Smith

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    Free July 16-18
    The American West is as majestic as it is cruel. It’s where grown men struggle just to survive, and yet Lily Grace, an orphan who’s never know anything but the seedy life of a saloon, seems to thrive. It’s only by chance that the beautiful little girl is saved from the fate of her mother, a woman of ill repute. With the help of two unlikely friends, she escapes to a new life—where she learns to love, growing into a stunning, spirited young woman who’s determined to rise above her circumstances. To make something of herself. It’s this newfound strength that helps Lily to survive the trials to come, to remember who she is and what she stands for. Unfortunately, she never expected to meet a man like Ace Morgan. Tall, dark, and handsome the arrogant cowboy is more desirable than any man has a right to be. With just a single hot glance from those smoky blue eyes, Lily feels the warm waves of desire churn deep within. But Ace is rude, cold and drives her insane! She refuses to loose her head over any man, much less a notorious gunslinger! No, she has to be smart, to trust her wits and not let those around her dictate her future.