JK Jones

  • Weeps Indigo : A Fall from Grace by JK Jones

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    It’s dangerous. Reckless. Exhilarating.

    Richard enjoys watching him in the interrogation room, his eyes coveting the way the cigarette easily slid between his lips. For a brief moment, his fingers yearn to trace the tattoos wrapped around his toned flesh. If he squints, he can focus on those emerald-green eyes, haunting yet so familiar. Everything about the man pulls him in, awakening something deep within long since beaten dead.

    Richard knows exactly what Beau’s nighttime occupation is.

    It was his job, as Sheriff of a small town in the USA to investigate the things unknown, the things hidden in the darkness. Why? Because it was magnetic, pulling in on his own dark side.

    But how far was he willing to go? What happens when the life he carefully constructed falls to pieces? What happens when demon voices whisper to him? Or when he sees friends turned enemies?