• John Peters in the land of Demons by A. H. Matai

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    My book is a fantasy, adventure, romance and drama novel. And this book’s subject is very new and first of its kind. A student of metaphysics gets stolen by demons and goblins. His friends Walk to find him to the world of demons. And the story of begins.

    This book will introduce you to the imaginary and the real world are linked together perfectly. Ignore hold out and around us and we did not see it. In the form of books aesthetically fiction and fantasy stated that the relationship between our world and the invisible world of the imagination an attractive and sweet portrays I have a fun story that can entertain you for a long time and a lot of good memories and an empty space for you to fill out a romantic and memorable. This story show us a Logical connection between our world and their based on evidence with an attractive story. It show us a life being in the land of demons, ghost and jinn to us. This is the first book of the series is four stories.