Jessica Sage

  • Final Possession Part #2 – Indulgence by Jessica Sage

    0 out of 5

    Final Possession Volume #2 – Indulgence

    Dana the nubile witch loves to explore her powers and use them to fulfill her every sexual desire with the help of her girlfriend, an ancient ghost.

    One day a spell goes wrong on her father and instead of being a disaster, he shows her things she never imagined. What happens when the ghost possesses the body of the nearest person in their home to join the fun?

  • Final Possession Part #1-Taken by Jessica Sage

    0 out of 5

    An ancient ghost has all the time in the world to cause trouble. One night she ceases an opportunity to drop in on two sisters playing with magic.

    The ghost possesses the body of one young sister and offers it to the other sister. The very naughty sister is enthralled! Can the ancient entity break out her dark inner desires? Does the night end there?

  • Erotic Reflections by Jessica Sage

    0 out of 5

    Erotic Reflections: An Erotic Romance – A Collection Of Five Erotic Short Stories.

    This is a steamy new collection of 5 unrelated short stories from up-and-coming Erotic Romance author Jessica Sage.

    Jessica’s new endeavor “Erotic Reflections” creatively explores situations centered around self-voyeurism.