Jessica Pettis

  • The Millionth Reason by Jessica Pettis

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    Corey knows the rules. Keep his pants zipped while on the job. His career as the head of the Gay Department in an exclusive New York Matchmaking agency demands it. It hasn’t been too difficult of a challenge to date, and his career has afforded him a wonderful New York lifestyle.

    Then Jeremiah walks in, Jerimiah seems to break all the rules. Jeremiah, tall, strong, handsome, accomplished Alpha male determined to get what he sets his aim on.

    It appears he set his aim on Corey.

    Corey isn’t going to allow himself to jeopardize everything he has worked for and quickly begins to look for a match for Jeremiah. Ever the professional, Corey arranges a meeting for Jeremiah with Oliver, convinced he could be the right man.