Jennifer Kohout

  • Queen of Souls by Jennifer Kohout

    0 out of 5

    Caedus and Balthazar are both members of the Dark Guard, a group of demons tasked with protecting their kind from the sorcerers that would bind them and use their powers in the human realm. But membership in the Dark Guard isn’t the only thing Caedus and Balthazar share: they also share the love of the same female.

    Iliana is everything a male could want, but everything changes when she takes her own life. Devastated, Caedus turns cold, denying anything resembling the softer side of emotion, while Balthazar struggles to hold the two of them together.

    Vivian Nox is the half-demon daughter of the fallen angel Lucifer, and she has an affinity for souls. As the owner of a pleasure house, Nox uses her power to give her clients what they want most, but when Caedus and Balthazar stride through her door, she recognizes them as her soul’s desire.

    Still haunted by Iliana’s death, Caedus isn’t ready to repeat history, but when one of Nox’s pleasure slaves goes missing, he finds himself unable to turn away her request for help.

    Their search reveals a killer loose in Hell, but that isn’t what worries Caedus. As he and Balthazar spend more time with Nox, Caedus begins to suspect that she won’t be happy with anything less than his soul.

  • The Ruins: An Avernus Island Tale by Jennifer Kohout

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to Avernus Island, where need meets desire and not everything is as it seems.

    Julia Davenport is screwed. Passed over for a promotion because of an unscrupulous co-worker, her carefully built career is about to come to an uninspiring end. However, when opportunity arrives in the guise of the mysterious Melisandra Black, Julia embarks on a journey to Avernus Island, a resort that is more than it seems.

    Asked to investigate previously unexplored ruins, Julia soon finds herself lost in a place that, until now, she believed only existed in legend.