Jeff Carter

  • Sexuality Psychology – Basic Studies Of Human Sexuality by Jeff Carter

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    Today, many people especially the adults are having a difficult time establishing the true meaning of human sexuality to the younger generations. More often than not, parents and guardians find it challenging to prepare children for adulthood specifically in terms of human sexuality education. As mature as one may be, human sexuality has been a complex issue as it involves various aspects and interpretations.

    The general culture in the past has been infused with respect for essential values in order to protect as well as maintain the family regardless if sexual education was provided. For the significant part of society in both developed and developing countries, traditional models of sexual education had declined through the years. Most of the younger generations have been deprived of sufficient knowledge and consistent guidance on human sexuality and left unprepared for adult life.

    These days, various contexts of human sexuality have emerged from the society and the mass media, providing misinterpreted and depersonalized information. Most of the information is insufficient with regard to the different stages of formation and progress of children and young people. In addition, the information on human sexuality today is predisposed with a misleading concept of freedom in a world that lacks fundamental values of human love, family, and life.

  • Sex Education – Basic Guide And Instructions For Healthy Sexual Experiences by Jeff Carter

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    Is your sex life in disarray? Are you feeling down whenever you go down on your lover? If you are, then this book is for you. This Sex Education book will give you great insights about the wide world of lovemaking and will provide you with a number of stimulating strategies in order to make you last better in bed.

  • Sexual Health – 7 Simple Things That Smart People Need To Know About Sexual Health by Jeff Carter

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    Sexual health awareness and achievement is recently gaining popularity as our society steps toward brighter futures for all humans. Respect for each individual is reinforced, expression of sexuality is encouraged, and reproduction made safe. This book tackles all aspects of sexuality a human needs to be aware of: from teenage curiosity to the unconventional sexual practices and preferences that are being recognized nowadays. This book is to help every individual learn and accept the different colors, shapes, and methods by which sexual health can be obtained.