Jean P.E. Brutus

  • The Shadow Of Leticia by Jean P.E. Brutus

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    If I Could, with each word, create a Da Vinci Style picture of her. I’m sure my readers would become her lovers, even though my poor heart cries not only of jealousy but also of glory for sharing the essence of that beautiful creature made by God: my guardian angel.Leticia was the base of my entire life. Nothing more beautiful can happen to a human being than finding his other half. She was for me “illusion, love, peace, my strength and my weakness, my life”- a castle of passion and glory built during six years of going out together and sever years of marriage. In every space of it, we hung a secret, a souvenir, a word that the next day we renewed with love. But the devil in the dark let fall on it his fury, and like lightning, the morning of June 5 fell suddenly……