Jasmine Lace

  • Hollywood Demands: The Completed Series by Jasmine Lace

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    It’s a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor. The couple fact comical and dramatic obstacles as they fall deeper in love with each other.

    HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS: The Completed Series (Books 1-5) Hollywood Demands,
    Book: 1: LIGHTS! FAME, SEX, and SUCCESS have its price. He’s the bad boy of Hollywood. She’s been assigned with the difficult task of taming his beast within. When love gets in the way, they are reminded that it doesn’t come for free.

    Book: 2: ROLL SOUND! “WINE AND DINE THE CLIENT. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.” Words from Kyle Ross, Mya Bassett’s ex-lover and boss. But Mya is not sure she is prepared to do whatever it takes to win back her position as Chris Foley’s publicist. Especially if it takes giving up a piece of her heart and body.

    Book: 3: READY! EVEN STEAMIER! Hurt and betrayed, Chris wants nothing to do with Mya. Soon, he realizes that he will need her to set things right back in LA. Yet, his pride won’t go down without a fight. Can Chris push pass his heartbreak to recover his livelihood?

    Book: 4: ROLL CAMERA! HEARTBREAK. SECOND CHANCES. AND FLIPPING THE SCRIPT ON SEX. Mya Bassett’s heartbreak has turned into anger while Chris Foley mourns his decision of letting Mya go. Through chance encounters they realized definite truths: Chris can’t stay away from her and Mya has to get as far away from him as possible. Will another man be what Mya needs to break from the emotional and sexual spell Chris has on her? Or can Chris convince her that his love for her is real?

    Book: 5: ACTION! It was only supposed to be sex. GOOD SEX. Waking up in a strange bed is the least of Mya Basset’s problems. Join Mya stranded in Chris’s Australian backyard as she finds out more about the man behind the fame. Will the real Chris make her fall in love again?

    Hollywood Demands was originally published as five separate contemporary romance novellas about an interracial couple who find out that they have a love stronger than any whirlwinds of drama and other distractions. Follow Mya and Chris during their travel romance as their love story unfolds in the romantic destinations of California, Alabama, Hawaii and Australia. This complete collection features all five books plus reading group discussion questions and an excerpt from Jasmine Lace’s contemporary romance, Pura Vida. Read more sexy, exciting tales from Jasmine Lace at her blog, jasminelace.org.