japanese setting

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: Volume 1: Fall by Succulent Gumbo

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    “Please, make me fall in love with you!” Those words would unknowingly change the lives of two girls, who each hold a completely different perception of love itself. Set in modern-day Japan, the story captures the experiences of these two protagonists in a unique first-person account for each of them. Aka Yamamoto is a new transfer student coming from a small city, with nothing more than her upbeat attitude and volition. Sakino Usagi is a known delinquent with a heavy cloud of rumors and misunderstandings following her around.

    Yet, despite how different they may seem, they both are searching to find an answer to the same question. What is love? Aka doesn’t recall the feeling of even the slightest skip of the heart, while Sakino ignores her true feelings and hides them behind a lock and key. In a flurry of comedy, romance, drama, angst, and heartbreak, Rock, Paper, Scissors is a story that shows that there is always another side to every story.