Jane Taylor Starwood

  • Shattered Blue: A Romantic Thriller by Jane Taylor Starwood

    0 out of 5

    2013 RONE Award Nominee, Romantic Suspense

    This is quite the enjoyable and impressive debut novel! The book contains a good solid plot line, an entertaining and believable story, and a realistic romance…. [T]he story is a winner, leaving the reader satisfied and looking to more from Ms. Starwood in the future. ~InD’Tale Magazine

    She thought she could escape her dark past by running away, changing her name. She thought her tormentor was dead. She was wrong.

    Shane MacKinnon used to be somebody else…

    Hounded by scandal and haunted by a terrible secret, Shannon Malone fled Manhattan for the mountains of New Mexico and a new identity. Five years later, she’s met a man who loves her in spite of her troubled past, a man who’s leading her into a world of sensual pleasure she’s never known. One morning a voice from her past threatens to shatter her new life. Someone thinks she has the missing millions from an investment scam, someone who also has a far more sinister reason to find her. The monster who tormented her childhood is after her again, and Shane must find the courage to beat him at his own sadistic game.